Sep 17, 2010

Round Table Discussion on Nov 5, 2010

We invite Dr. Vasant Shinde (Deccan College, India) for lecturing in RTD of November (Nov 5, 2010).

Dr. Sinde's lecture would be about "Harappan Culture: The First Bronze Age Civilization of South Asia."

Please Mark Your Calendar and Join Us!!!

Abstract of RTD

Brief CV of Dr. Vasant Shinde

Date of Birth: June, 1956.

Education :
B.A. (History) Hons, University of Poona.

M.A. (first class first) in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, University of Poona.
Ph.D. in Protohistoric Archaeology (Early Settlements in the Central Tapi Basin), University of Poona.

Current Post:
Professor of Archaeology (Since December 2004) and Joint Director (Pro-Vice-Chancellor) of the University (Since November 2008)

Research Specialization: South Asian Protohistory: Field Archaeology

Excavations Directed:

1) Excavations at Padri (A Harappan site in Bhavnagar District, Gujarat)- February to March 1991.
2) Excavations at Padri, December- January 1991-92.
3) Excavations at Padri- December-February 1992-93.
4) Trial Excavation at Navdatoli (A Chalcolithic site in Khargon district, M.P.)- September 1993
5) Excavation at Padri- November-January 1993-94
6) Excavation at Balathal (Protohistoric- Early Historic site in Udaipur district of Rajasthan) January- March 1993-94.
7) Excavations at Balathal- November 1994 to February 1995.
8) Excavations at Balathal- November 1995- February 1996.
9) Excavation at Padri- February-March 1996.
10) Excavations at Balathal- November 1996 to February 1997.
11) Excavations at Balathal- November 1997 to February 1998.
12) Excavations at Balathal- November 1998 to February 1999.
13) Excavations at Gilund-A Bronze Age-Early Historic Site in Rajsamand District of Rajashtan- December 1999-March 2000.
14) Excavations at Gilund- December 2000-February 2001.
15) Excavations at Gilund- December 2001-February 2002.
16) Excavations at Bagor- A Mesolithic site in Bhilwada District of Rajasthan-December 2001.
17) Excavations at Iswal, an Early Iron Age site in Udaipur District, Rajasthan- December 2001-February 2002.
18) Rescue Excavation in the city of Pune- September 2003 (Discovered Satavahana culture for the first time, thus taking back the antiquity of the city by 1000 years).
19) Excavations at Gilund- December 2002-February 2003.
20) Excavations at Iswal- December 2002- February 2003.
21) Cambay Archaeological Research Project (Test Pitting at Padri and Sidhanath Temple area - December 2002-February 2003.
22) Excavations at Mudvi- An Early Historic site in Solapur district of Maharashtra- March 2003.
23) Excavations at Siddhapur- Early Historic-Early Medieval site in Solapur District of Maharashtra, November-December 2003.
24) Excavations at Iswal- December 2003- February 2004.
25) Excavations at Gilund- December 2004-February 2005.
26) Excavations at Iswal- December 2004- February 2005.
27) Excavations at Junnar- An Early Historic site in Maharashtra, December 2005- February 2006.
28) Excavations at Iswal- March 2006.
29) Excavations at Junnar, December 2006-February 2007.
30) Excavations at Nathara ki Pal, a Historical site in Udaipur District, Rajasthan- Feb- March 2007.
31) Excavations at Harappan culture sites of Girawad, Farmana (Rohtak District) and Mitathal (Bhiwani District), Haryana- March to May 2007.
32) Excavations at Nathara ki Pal, a Historical site in Udaipur District, Rajasthan- Feb- March 2008.
33) Excavation at Farmana, Rohtak District, Haryana- February-April 2008.
34) Excavations at Madina, a PGW site in Rohtak District of Haryana- February-April 2008.
35) Excavations at Nathara ki Pal, a Historical site in Udaipur District, Rajasthan- Feb- March 2009.
36) Excavation at Farmana, Rohtak District, Haryana- December 2008-April 2009.
37) Excavation at Farmana, Rohtak District, Haryana- December 2009-March 2010.

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