Jun 13, 2010

RTD in May 12, 2010

Dr. Mark Spigelman with one of graduate students in my class. After lecture

Dr. Mark Spigelman, the paleopathologist of tuberculosis studies, comes to Korea to lecture before my graduate students in SNU. He also discuss in RTD about our common interests shared by both sides, researchers in Korea and Israel.

I hope he could enjoy happy stay in Korea.

The abbreviated CV of Dr. Mark Spigelman:

MB BS. Sydney University 1965.
FRCS. Royal College of Surgeons London 1971.
B Sc(Arch) Hons(Upper 2'nd). Institute of Archaeology UCL London 1994.

"Australian citizen currently residing and working in the UK as a human remains specialist/ anthropologist, researching the history and development of microbial diseases utilizing microbiological techniques on Ancient human remains. Previously a consulting surgeon for 25 years in Sydney Australia. Since becoming an Archaeologist/Anthropologist I have concentrated on developing the study of Paleomicrobiology and developing relationship between microbial diseases of the past and the diseases of today. I have developed extensive techniques for minimally destructive sampling of human remains particularly endoscopic sampling of mummies-which I have now done on over 500 occasions. I have lectured on the subject worldwide and our work has featured in many documentaries e.g. National Geographic, Discovery Channel, ABC as well as in many magazine and newspapers. Currently we have joint project with over 20 museums and universities worldwide. Whilst concentrating currently on tuberculosis and leprosy we have also had success in finding Leischmania, Malaria and Schistosoma in ancient tissues other bio-molecules such as proteins and lipids are also being investigated. We are currently also looking at histological examination of mummy specimens as well as the standard assessment of ancient material for paleopathological lesions...."

He is currently Visiting Professor Kuvin Center for the Study of Infectious & Tropical Diseases and Ancient DNA Hadassah Medical School Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel; and Visiting Scientist Hadassah Medical School Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel.
He was the chair of 6th international Conference on ancient DNA Israel July 2002. And The Scientific Committee member of International Congress of Mummy Studies.

The information of the lecture in RTD is available at  http://shinpaleopathology.blogspot.com/2010/03/special-lecture-on-may-13-2010.html

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