Jun 13, 2010

RTD in April 14, 2010

The invited researcher for RTD in April, 2010 was Dr. Francisca Alves Cardoso (Federal University of Pará, Belem, Brazil; CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN ANTHROPOLOGY, FCSH-UNL, Portugal). She got her PhD degree in Durham University, UK (on Biological Anthropology/Paleopathology). Below is her research interests.

"Currently, my main research interests still focus on Physical Anthropology, specifically Paleopathology and Paleoepidemiology, within a Biocultural perspective. The importance of socio-economic and cultural variables in the interpretation of human skeletons represents an important aspect of my research. I have been encouraging a constructive discussion on the methods employed in the measurement and interpretation of pathological lesions, and promoting the use of new technologies, which may improve Paleopathological analysis. These include new imaging techniques, such as 3D scanning, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The development of statistical designs / models to analyse bony lesions, and permit a better interpretation of health based on human skeletons is another of my concerns. Most recently, I have also addressed issues related with ethical questions associated with reburial of human skeletons, and the preservation of human skeletal remains as patrimonial heritage."

After session, we also had happy dinner time. Thanks for all the participants in our Roundtable Discussion!!!

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